Mary's Empanadas

What's in the dough?

We make our dough by hand fresh every day.  We use flour, sea salt, vegan friendly sugar, all vegetable shortening, and water.


Traditional Beef:  A Chilean favorite, also called "empanada de pino", this empanada is made with lean ground beef, diced onions, spices, hard-boiled egg, and a kalamata olive. 

*The beef used is Halal Certified.

Chicken:  A Mary's Empanadas original, the chicken empanada is filled with well-seasoned, diced chicken breast, diced onions, spices, hard-boiled egg, and a kalamata olive.

Napolitana: Another Chilean favorite and inspired by Italian immigrants in Chile, the Napolitana (a nod to Naples, Italy) is made with chopped ham, pepperoni, diced tomatoes, Italian cheeses, fresh basil and oregano, and chopped kalamata olive.

Veggie:  Another Mary's Empanadas original, the Veggie is stuffed with fresh sauteed mushrooms and spinach, diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, diced onions, fresh zucchini, and herbs and spices.  This empanada is 100% VEGAN!

Steak & Cheese:  A customer favorite, this empanada is filled with deliciously seasoned carne asada and mixed with melty quesadilla cheese.

Spicy Grilled Chicken & Cheese:  The title of this amazing empanada pretty much tells you what you need to know:  the chicken is grilled and nicely spicy and paired with melty quesadilla cheese.